Plug 337
Plug 337

Plug 337


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Plug 337 (P/N: 802-0091) is a custom test lead between D&V Electronics alternator and voltage regulator testing systems to the DUT (Device Under Test). It connects the terminals of the voltage regulator to the measuring circuits of the test system. D&V’s standard 12-Pin White Connector is used on one end of the plug and the proprietary OEM plug is used on the other end. Each plug is specific to a distinct regulator and is not universal. Please consult the terminal list found below for more details.

Technical Specifications

Plug 337 has the following terminal list: LI (FB), RC (Sig)and AS (S) terminals. This plug  has a proprietary circuit board that reads and modulates signals going to and coming from the regulator. For more information about the location of pins and the 12-Pin White Connector, please click here.

The proprietary OEM plug on Plug 337 is used with "PCM (Power Control Module) style" voltage regulators, which communicate with the main computer in the vehicle by using modulated signals. Example for alternators that use such regulators; are Ford 6G "PCM" (original OEM regulator is white with black rear cover. New OEM by IR is White/Blue). It is also used on Marelli 63341746 F601.

Plug 337 is compatible with the following test systems: JBT-3, JBT-5, JBT-5P, ALT-98, ALT-98H, ALT-98G2, ALT-85, ALT-86, ALT-905, ALT-160, ALT-72, ALT-DD, ALT-7, ALT-198, CVT-7A. Newer generation D&V alternator testing systems already have a built-in circuit board and do not require this active plug. Please consult the Plug Code Guide for details.

If the plug you are looking for does not have the white connector but has a green one (for example from the JBT-1 testing family), please search for plugs, which have part numbers starting with 822.


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