Gear, 2.5MOD, 20PA, 30T
Gear, 2.5MOD, 20PA, 30T
Gear, 2.5MOD, 20PA, 30T

Gear, 2.5MOD, 20PA, 30T


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Starter testing gear (P/N: 602-0128) can be used as a ring gear on most D&V automotive starter testing systems. These gears allow coupling between the starter pinion and the test unit’s shaft and simulate the fly-wheel. This gear is made of hardened coated steel.

Technical Specifications

Gear [602-0128] has the following specifications:

Number of teeth
Pressure angle (PA)
Diameter pitch (DP) / Module (MOD)

For more information on how to find the right gear for your starter and test system and about the gears D&V offers, please read our Starter Testing Gear Guide.

Gear 602-0026 is compatible with the following test systems: ST-6, ST-24, ST-64, ST-124.

Test gears come in various spline shapes designed for specific testing systems. Each gear has specific parameters and is designed for a particular set of automotive starters. Failing to use the proper gear may result in inaccurate measurements, noise, and even damage to the equipment and the DUT (Device Under Test). Please, make sure you are using the proper gear for each particular starter and test system.


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