Blank Ring, 10MM, ID89MM
Blank Ring, 10MM, ID89MM

Blank Ring, 10MM, ID89MM


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Starter mounting ring 602-0021 can be used with standard ring adapter plates on D&V Starter Testing Systems. The purpose of this component is to mount or secure the DUT (Device Under Test) to align to the unit so that the proper electrical or mechanical connections can be made and so that it can be tested. The starter rings being sold on this online store are unfinished and intended to be customized for your specific needs.

Technical Specifications

Starter gear 602-0021 has the following specifications:

  • Thickness 10mm
  • Inner diameter of 89mm

Starter rings are specific to each starter and tooling and come in various configurations and shapes. These blank rings are intended for mounting standard type starters by adding the appropriate mounting fixtures and stop pins. Custom mounting rings or tooling may be required for non-standard starters such as offset pinion, pad mount, etc. Failing to use the proper ring may result in damage to the equipment or the DUT (Device Under Test) or inaccurate measurements. Please ensure you are using the proper ring.

Starter ring 602-0021 is compatible with the following test systems: ST-12/16/20, ST-24, ST-64 (M5 and lower), ST-116 (with adapter), ST-124. ST-66/69.


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