Starter Testing Gear Guide

This article will explain how to select proper gear for testing a starter on a D&V Electronics equipment and the different splines specific for each starter testing system.

D&V testing equipment is built with three different splines to accommodate different needs and standards. They differ by the opening in each gear as well as the way they are mounted on the shaft of the test unit.

Testing systems like ST-24, ST-64, ST-72, and ST-118 use a SAE standard spline similar to the one on the diagram below.


SAE gear interface



Testing systems like ST-10, ST-12, and ST-16 use a proprietary gear mounting - Type 1.
D&V gear interface - 1st Generation



Recently, we have improved our coupling design. ST-116 and ST-120 starter testing systems use a second generation coupling, which has screw threads for easier gear removal. It also allows larger gears for lower friction and torque pulsation. See the drawing below.
D&V gear interface - 2nd generation



For additional information, please refer to the mechanical drawings which were part of the testing unit documentation. You can also contact our customer support for more details.