12-Pin White Connector Used by D&V Electronics Testers

This article explains the configuration of the standard 12-Pin White Connector used on a number of different D&V Electronics alternator testers. Each pin serves a separate function and is used to interface to the regulator and alternator terminals.

The below diagram shows the layout of the connector. The pin locations can be identified by the different shaped pins 1, 3, and 11. Each pin has a different function, as explained in the following table:

1. Stator (STA)  7. Feedback (FR)
2. Field (FLD) 8. Ground (GND)
3. Energize (ENERG) 9. 12V
4. Sense (SENSE) 10. Computer (COMP)
5. Tachometer (TACHO) 11. Indicator Light/Lamp (LIGHT)
6. Ignition (IGN) 12. LIN (COM)

If your connector is green or doesn’t look like the above diagram, you may have a connector from the JBT-1 tester family. These plugs can be easily found searching for part numbers starting with 822. If you would like some assistance in confirming the plug you are looking for, please contact us.